Basic Laser – Part Marking

Looking to add laser part marking to your shops capabilities? Look no further than Basic Laser to delivery affordable fiber laser marking technology that is easy to use and provides high quality marks!

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    Entry Level Systems

    Basic low cost fiber lasers, Available in multiple configurations, Even Portable!

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    Computer Included

    System includes a laptop with EZ-Cad software for easy operation

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    30W Power

    Raycus 30W power source offers a long service life and great marking performance.

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    Premium Bench Top Machine

    Enclosed and self contained bench top laser marker. Great for every shop floor!

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    Powered Z Axis

    Motorized axis allows fast manual focusing on parts.

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    Rotary Option Available

    Expand your capabilities with an affordable rotary for marking on round parts!

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    Stand Alone System

    Fully contained stand alone machine with premium options.

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    Fully Loaded!

    Includes rotary, auto door, programmable Z axis. Everything you need to maximize production!

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    Power Packed

    30W standard with options for 50W and 100W for maximum engraving power!

1 Year Warrenty – 100% USA Supported

Optional On-site set up and training

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